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FIRST 2013 Robot Ideas

January 6th, 2013 | Posted by admin in Ann Arbor | automation | FIRST | Fun! | Ideas | Inspiration | Maker Works | robots - (Comments Off on FIRST 2013 Robot Ideas)

I am helping mentor with FIRST Robotics Team 830 this year. Here are the rules for the  2013 FIRST Robotics Competition.  The TL;DR is that the robot basically needs to collect and shoot frisbees and climbing a really tall tower. The video below describes things very succinctly.



We need to get this done in the mater of just a few weeks. I started looking for a few inspiration ideas.


A personal favorite, the RiSE robot from the KodLab. A little too complex for our timeframe.



I really like this mechanism but I am not sure it will work on the pyramid.



Here is a slightly simpler version of the same mechanism.



This is a similar approach. Not quite applicable to our situation.



Here is a FIRST team actually meeting the challenge.



This design looks like it could be used for our applications with some modifications.



On the subject the frisbee launching this mechanism rules.

Finally, a nice primer on the physics of frisbee launching.